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    A rash guard is a tee-shirt style swim top. Originally these folks were worn by surfers to protect their chests from surfboard wax, that is very irritating on the skin, but they've gained popularity for the average beach-goer, as well. They are typically created from nylon and spandex, causing them to be lightweight, fast-drying, and anti-bacterial. The information can be very tightly woven so that it can keep numerous sun's harmful radiation out of the skin. A swim shirt differs from a rash guard in that a swim shirt tends to fit more loosely. Many swim shirts and rash guards offer a UV protection factor of 50+, the maximum rating.

    Rashguard for Men
    Sun-protection is a bit more important than previously. Harmful ultraviolet radiation is reaching planet earth in greater quantities than in the past because the ozone layer is starting to become depleted and it is no longer able to bar out those rays. Because of this more instances of melanoma are occurring than previously. Annually across the world Two or three million cases of cancer of the skin occur. In fact, one in every three cancer cases is melanoma, so it is crucial that you take protective measures to take down risk of developing it.

    The good thing is that melanoma is essentially preventable. It is best to wear sunscreen with an SPF that is at least 30. Also, know that many components of lightweight summer clothing have a very UPF of as low as 5. That makes a sun protective rash guard or swim shirt a great choice. It offers a superior the comfort of a tee-shirt with an adequate UPF and also hardwearing . skin safe during a day trip on a sunny day. Keep in mind that the greater skin that is covered, better off you are.

    Rash guards can be bought with short or long sleeves. They are presented for men, women, and kids alike. This kind of swimwear tends to make great comfort and protection around the beach when combined with trunks or board shorts as well as a hat. They are the most suitable choice in relation to sun protective swimwear due to what amount of the body is resistant to sunshine.

    Remember that wearing a rash guard does not mean you do not want to use sunscreen. It is best to apply sunscreen to any part of one's body that is certainly uncovered through your rash guard or swimsuit. A rash guard is a great addition for your beachwear and sun protection regimen.

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